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Purchasing a home or business is one of the most pivotal and expensive decisions you can make.

We know the real estate process can be stressful, confusing and complex. Our team of attorneys at Singley, Gindele & Rinaldi LLC are experts in residential and commercial real estate law and are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive legal counsel to ensure your money is spent on making your dreams come true.

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Real Estate Law Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is the difference between an eviction and an ejectment?

While both actions are intended to legally remove occupants from a property, with an eviction there’s a landlord-tenant relationship whereas an ejectment involves removing an unauthorized occupant from your property, such as an unwanted family member who does not have a lease or a squatter. 

Is the COVID-related eviction moratorium still in effect in NJ?

The New Jersey COVID-related eviction moratorium was lifted on Jan. 1, 2022.

If your household income is below 80% of the AMI for your county, and you meet specific criteria, you are indefinitely protected from eviction for rental debt that was accrued due between March 1, 2020, and December 31, 2021, as long as you file an income certification. 

What is a Use and Occupancy Agreement?

A Use and Occupancy agreement, also called a U&O,  is a legal agreement that allows the buyer or seller to reside at the property after the title is transferred. A Use and Occupancy agreement is negotiated between the two parties due to special circumstances. The parties will generally agree to a sufficient rate to cover the associated expenses.


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